Are there any good Fodmap recipes you can recommend for people with IBS?

Low-Fodmap food High-Fodmap (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols) diets can be difficult, with certain grains and grains (whole bread, wheat pasta), legumes and pulses (red kidney beans, baked beans), lactose (milk). , yogurt), fruits (apples, peaches), and vegetables (garlic, onions, mushrooms) cause digestive problems that are often not on the menu. Eating involves alternating these high-Fodmap foods (i.e., carbohydrate short curtains) with other low-cost alternatives, and re-inducing each one over time, to find what you can and can’t tolerate. “It’s not a never-ending meal,” explains Emma Hatcher, author of The Fodmap-Friendly Kitchen Cookbook. “The aim of this game is to get healthy, happy guts to try to incorporate more Fodmap-containing foods back into your diet.” (Well, anyone who starts this – or, in fact, any – diet should first talk to their doctor.)


With regard to certain vessels, the difficulty is that different people are affected by different aspects of IBS, says David Atherton, author of Good to Eat. Some fruits are usually a good alternative, however: “Make a smoothie bowl of frozen strawberries and blueberries, and top with oat-based muesli and grapes for breakfast.” Egg-loving Atherton is also part of the kedgeree (“don’t put onions in it”), while Hatcher prefers shakshuka with plain, gluten-free bread. “Tomatoes are low on Fodmap up to a certain amount, and you can add red peppers and spices like paprika, too.”

Store lunches and snacks with meat or fish and side veg of the year in the lower parts of Fodmap. “We’re cooking a lot of mackerel right now,” said Cornwall grower Emily Scott. The author of Sea and Shore pops butterflied fillets (get your fishmonger to do this for you) under a hot grill or in a hot oven for five minutes or more, then serves with a zingy, peppery salad. courgettes, add lemon juice, good olive oil, sea salt, and rocket.” Alternatively, try a flatfish: Scott, who cooked for Joe Biden at the latest G7 summit, puts only lemons under the grill “and tossed in the summer, top herbs – chives, thyme – in the end”. Also, garnish with olive oil and squeeze the lemon, and serve with fresh potatoes and green salad.

Hatcher, meanwhile, keeps his spuds with a warm lamb salad with watercress, fried hazelnuts, and chimichurri, which he makes using olive oil substituted for real garlic. So, he burns the olive oil in the pan, adding the garlic cloves, cooks, and strainers: “Fodmaps in garlic do not melt in oil,” he explains. Fried chicken is one of the crowdpleasers, and Hatcher serves his own with his tarragon. “You wouldn’t want people to follow your diet, but you wouldn’t want to cook two meals.” For something non-vegetarian, Atherton turns to grains (rice, quinoa, amaranth). “Taste them during cooking, because a bite is delicious. Drain, stay in cool water, so they stop cooking, reheat and add the usual mustard dressing [if you can tolerate a little honey]. ”Toss the chopped cucumber and tomato, too.

Most important, however, is the fact that dark chocolate is a low-end Fodmap. Eat it as it is, or make a Hatcher’s chocolate pudding, a recipe from his latest ebook with dietitian Kaitlin Colucci: sprinkle black chocolate and butter over boiling water, stir in eggs filled with sugar and vanilla, repeat empty flour and salt, and bake for minutes -25-30. A lot of ice cream also won’t go wrong, either.

The document was amended on June 30, 2021, to add a caveat with respect to honey-mustard dressing, as it contains sugar that some food fans can avoid.

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