One of the best things a beginner can do is try and improve with the equipment you may have, and focus on doing exercise.

With the end of the epidemic so close, and the gymnasium still closed, many have taken exercise trips home to stay healthy. While exercising at home can be a great way to not only make the time you need and spend, it also has its share of benefits and gives you space and freedom to exercise at your own pace and time. However, it is still important to use it wisely, even if you do so for the comfort of your home. We contacted Somya Luhadia, Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist to share some amazing exercise tips for all those balancing work from home and work

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of exercise you have? Here is your help

Beginner Tips for Homework

One of the best things a beginner can do is try and improve with the equipment you may have, and focus on doing exercise. Exercising with a chair, using towels as resistance belts or climbing stairs can make a good start.
Skip exercising, too, is a great way to burn calories and stay healthy. Skipping a rope can serve as a full workout and keep the bones strong. Other cardio exercises that people can easily do at home are burpees and squat jump. This exercise program is good for strengthening the muscles of the arm and legs and helps keep the body flexible.
Somya, who also trains people online and sets up exercise tips regularly and adds that the time spent exercising is a great way to take care of yourself and reduce stress during the epidemic. “With all the negligence that exists, that one hour, which you will dedicate to yourself will make things better. You should make sure you give at least one-hour of Meditation

, Yoga or anything that keeps your body moving. When you engage in exercise that makes you happy, you release hormones that are good for your body, which makes bad things better, ”says Somya.

Do you feel discouraged from exercising?

Here is some help

Working from home, unlike a gymnasium can sometimes be encouraging. It can also remove you from the queue. The best way to overcome this is to design, or follow up on applications that are interesting and that do not end up feeling like other work, says the expert.
There are also many exercise styles you can try.
Some may be interested in Yoga, others in Zumba and still others may be tempted to try weight training.
You can also try to follow fun exercise videos and training online, which will also help you to try and improve your knowledge of exercise.

Being at home can limit your movement and physical activity. Instead of indulging in overeating and gluttony, Luhadia also recommends that people continue to pursue their calories. The following tips can help
-Save calorie deficits, add good carbs to your diet.
-Focus on foods that contain fiber and protein to keep you full
-Establish good, healthy relationships with food.
-Make sure you are moist enough.
-Eat fruit and other healthy snacks while you take a break
-Stay working all day, get involved in homework and increase your number of steps.

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