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  • Don’t make duplicate book requests
  • Wait for 3 to 6 hours for books (In some cases it might be late)
  • Subscribe to the sites (Only Subscribers/Members will avail of this package)
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You can send book requests to [email protected]. If you follow all these commands, we will process your book within 1 hour. important note: If any author/publisher requests us to remove the particular book, we will remove it instantly.
“Free Knowledge For All” is the aim of the Pdfdreams Team. We understand it is a very tough, risky, time-consuming, money consuming, and long project. The only thing that encourages us to do it is your “Support & Love”. We believe we are a team, a family, a group of sincere and true friends who supports us with their presence, recommendations, resources, and time.
If you are a student, knowledge seeker, or teacher who can’t afford the expensive books and looking for free books to sharpen your skills, knowledge or to feed the soul, then you are at the right place. We are here to provide free books within 1 hour. We collect these books from different free resources such as Libraries, Universities, School, Training Center, and Shops. We spent a huge time to fulfill your request and make the impossible things possible for you.
So we expect a little contribution from your end, to make work easy for us. As you know, we don’t ask our users for panic signup and never add the spam links in our files that destroy the user’s Smartphone, Laptop, or Computer. We only request you to share our website with your buddies.


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