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Download The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley PDF novel free. “The Hunting Party” is an impressive novel that plots a heart-wrenching story for the reader of all ages.

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley Summary

“The Hunting Party” by Lucy Foley is a gripping and atmospheric murder mystery that takes place in the Scottish Highlands. The novel follows a group of old friends who reunite for a New Year’s Eve celebration at a remote hunting lodge, only to find themselves snowed in and trapped with a killer among them.

Foley’s writing is evocative and atmospheric, capturing the stark beauty and isolation of the Scottish wilderness. The novel is told from multiple perspectives, allowing the reader to get inside the heads of each of the characters and experience their mounting fear and paranoia as events begin to spiral out of control.

The characters themselves are well-drawn and complex, each with their own secrets and motivations. Foley is skilled at weaving together various plot threads and character arcs, creating a rich and layered tapestry of intrigue and betrayal that will keep readers guessing until the very end. You may also like Perfect After All by Cece Louise

The pacing of the novel is expertly handled, with Foley ratcheting up the tension and suspense with each passing chapter. As the secrets of the characters begin to unravel and the true nature of the threat they face becomes clear, the stakes are raised to a fever pitch, culminating in a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.

Overall, “The Hunting Party” is a must-read for fans of mystery and suspense. With its evocative setting, well-drawn characters, and expertly crafted plot, it is a standout addition to the genre and a testament to Foley’s skill as a writer.

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

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About The Author

Lucy Foley is a British author known for her suspenseful and atmospheric mystery novels. She was born in England and grew up in Africa, Wales, and the Middle East. She studied English Literature at Durham University and then went on to complete a master’s degree in Renaissance Literature at University College London.

Foley started her career in the publishing industry as a literary agent, working at the prestigious Curtis Brown agency in London. After several years in the industry, she decided to pursue her passion for writing full-time and began working on her debut novel.

Foley’s first novel, “The Book of Lost and Found,” was published in 2015 and received critical acclaim for its beautiful prose, intricate plot, and emotional depth. The novel follows a young woman who embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her family’s past, tracing their history from 1920s Paris to the war-torn landscapes of Europe in the 1940s.

Foley’s second novel, “The Invitation,” was published in 2016 and tells the story of a group of friends who gather at a remote villa in the Italian countryside for a weekend of relaxation and celebration. However, tensions soon rise and secrets are revealed, leading to a shocking conclusion.

In 2019, Foley published “The Hunting Party,” which quickly became a bestseller and cemented her reputation as a master of the mystery genre. The novel takes place in a remote hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, where a group of old friends reunite for a New Year’s Eve celebration. However, as the snow begins to fall and the group becomes isolated, tensions rise and dark secrets are revealed, leading to a shocking murder.

Foley’s most recent novel, “The Guest List,” was published in 2020 and is set on a remote island off the coast of Ireland, where a wedding celebration turns deadly. The novel is told from multiple perspectives and expertly weaves together various plot threads and character arcs to create a rich and layered mystery.

Foley’s writing is characterized by its evocative settings, complex characters, and expertly crafted plots. Her novels often feature multiple narrators and timelines, allowing her to create a rich tapestry of intrigue and suspense. Her prose is lyrical and atmospheric, capturing the essence of the landscapes and settings in which her stories take place.

Overall, Lucy Foley is a talented and versatile writer who has made a significant impact on the mystery and suspense genre. Her ability to create gripping and atmospheric stories that transport readers to vivid and evocative settings has earned her a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

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