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The Last One by Will Dean Summary

Embarking on the opulent cruise liner RMS Atlantica, Caz’s anticipation for an unforgettable vacation alongside her newfound love, Pete, is palpable. Their initial evening on the ship is a whirlwind of discovery, as they traverse its luxurious amenities, indulge in delectable cuisine, sway to the music on the dance floor, and form connections with fellow passengers. However, the sunlit dreams swiftly give way to a nightmarish reality when Caz awakens the next morning to an unsettling emptiness—Pete is inexplicably absent.

Her alarm deepens as she ventures into the corridors, only to be met with a chilling sight: every cabin door stands ajar. Panic tightens its grip as she comprehends the eerie truth—there are no passengers, no crew members, no signs of life whatsoever. The sprawling vessel, once teeming with laughter and activity, has transformed into a haunting void, with Caz standing alone at its heart. A disconcerting realization dawns upon her—she is utterly isolated in the vast expanse of the mid-Atlantic.

The gravity of her predicament is merely the prelude to an unfolding nightmare that defies all logic. Trapped within the confines of the now-deserted ship, Caz finds herself thrust into an enigmatic and ominous journey. Questions multiply with each heartbeat—how could everyone vanish without a trace? What sinister force is at play, orchestrating this macabre solitude? As the hours stretch into days, Caz’s desperation intensifies, her struggle for survival intertwined with her determination to uncover the chilling mysteries that have ensnared her.

The narrative propels forward with a relentless intensity, drawing readers into Caz’s ordeal as she battles not only her solitude but the ominous forces that engulf her. A white-knuckled mystery unfurls, keeping hearts racing and minds engaged as the voyage through the unknown takes unexpected and spine-chilling turns.

About the Author

Will Dean grew up in the East Midlands, living in nine different villages before the age of eighteen. You may also like Tourner by Jane Washington

After studying law at the LSE, and working many varied jobs in London, he settled in rural Sweden with his wife. He built a wooden house in a boggy forest clearing and it’s from this base that he compulsively reads and writes.

What is the Genre of The Last One by Will Dean?


This is primarily classified as a Murder Thrillers book.

Can I read The Last One by Will Deanas a standalone Book?


Yes, it is a great book that you can read as a standalone novel.

How Do you read The Last One by Will Dean?


Reading a novel is a personal and subjective experience, but here are some general tips on how to approach reading a novel:

  1. Choose a novel that interests you: Select a book that aligns with your preferred genre, themes, or author. This will make the reading experience more enjoyable and engaging.
  2. Find a comfortable reading environment: Choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can focus on the book without distractions. It could be a cozy corner of your home, a park, a library, or any place that allows you to immerse yourself in the story.
  3. Set aside dedicated reading time: Allocate specific time slots in your day or week for reading. Consistency is key to maintaining your reading momentum and progressing through the novel.
  4. Engage with the text: As you read, try to immerse yourself in the story and connect with the characters, setting, and plot. Visualize the scenes in your mind, empathize with the characters, and try to understand their motivations and emotions.
  5. Take notes or annotate (if desired): If you like to interact with the text, consider taking notes or highlighting passages that stand out to you. This can help you remember important details or capture your thoughts and reactions.
  6. Pace yourself: Reading a novel is not a race. Take your time to savor the story, appreciate the author’s writing style, and absorb the themes and messages conveyed. Allow yourself to get lost in the narrative and enjoy the journey.
  7. Reflect and discuss: After reading each section or completing the novel, take some time to reflect on what you’ve read. Consider the themes, character development, and the overall impact of the story. If you enjoy discussing books, you can also join book clubs or engage in conversations with fellow readers to gain different perspectives and insights.

Remember, everyone has their own reading preferences and methods, so feel free to adapt these suggestions to suit your own style.

Details About The Last One by Will Dean

  • Novel Title: The Last One
  • Authors: Will Dean
  • Genre: Murder Thrillers
  • Publish Date: August 8, 2023
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Language: English
  • Price: Free
  • Status: Avail for Download

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